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    Resto POS Lite is a complete Point Of Sale solution affordable and accessible to all kind of restaurants, pizzaria, food trucks, café, from coffee shops to fine-dining restaurants. 

    It is very easy and fast to setup and use with a main screen from where you can do all the daily tasks such as table booking/reservation, place an order and send it to bar/kitchen, take payments, give discounts, split bills, generate and email receipt/bill, generate many kind of sales reports and much more. Our exclusive cloud based Content management system allows you to manage your menu (add/edit/delete information) and sales reports from anywhere in the world on our website.
    Moreover, Resto POS Lite is also compatible with Digi Menu app and Digi Waiter app. Digi Menu app is an IPAD menu app for the customers to view and place order. Digi Waiter is an IPOD touch based app for your waiters and servers.

    Resto POS Lite can be used on :

    1- Restaurants
    2- Café
    3- Pub and Bars
    4- Pizza house or Pizzaria
    5- Fine dinning restaurants
    6- Traditional restaurants (Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japaniese)
    7- Fast food
    8- Food trucks
    9- Any type of places sell food and beverage items

    Main Features :

    1- Place order and send to kitchen and bar
    2- Split order into multiple bills
    3- Generate bill or receipt
    4- Change table
    5- Add reservation
    6- Take away orders
    7- Add new items on the go
    8- Works with or without internet
    9- Send receipt on email
    10- Give discounts
    11- Cancel or Complementary orders
    12- Generate and email reports such as
    a. Active table report
    b. Detail Sales report by item category
    c. Short Sales report by item category
    d. Waiter Sales report
    e. Sales summary report
    f. End of the day closing report (Z- Report)
    g. Day sales report (X- Report)

    How to setup the Demo :

    Step 1- Run the app and enter your email address
    Step 2- Enter pin code : 122 to enter into the app
    Step 3- Choose any number lets say 5 and press “Table #” button to set the table.
    Step 4- Choose the category and select the item to add to order for table number 5.
    Step 5- Send order to place order in system
    Step 6- Enter amount and press Cash/Card to complete transaction and generate and email the bill
    Step 7- Use pin code : 122 for report section
    The app can also be used to reserve the tables, transfer the tables, split the bills, etc.

    Download Resto POS Lite App