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  • Digi Waiter is an IPOD touch app for waiters and servers.

    Digi Waiter enables waiters to take orders directly from the table and send them to the kitchen and bar.
    This very user-friendly and easy to use app makes the serving process faster without losing its quality. Based on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad mini or iPad, this solution gets the best ratio quality/price of the market and is therefore the ideal tool for any kind of restaurants.
    With Digi Waiter your waiters can take orders, print bill and always keep handy the important information the customers may ask: gluten-free meal, origin of meat, etc. It also helps to increase your table turnover and your customers satisfaction.
    - save cost (less chance of errors from the waiters)
    - increase kitchen staff and waiters’ productivity and efficiency
    - full details of dishes always kept handy
    - cloud based server
    - integrated with Receipt printers

    Download Digi Waiter App