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  • Digi Order app can be used in various places. Such as hotels, restaurants, bars, cafe, travel lounges, stadiums, resorts to name a few.

    Digi Order app allows the guest to place an order on the menu setup by the hotel or restaurant owners. Hotel or restaurant owner can also display useful information for their customers such as hotel services, local area information, tourist information etc.

    Digi Order app also have messaging function, that allows the user to send message to the managers/staff of that place.

    Places where Digi Order can be used :
    1- Hotels for Room Service and Hotel Concierge
    2- Restaurants/Café/Bar at train stations/Airports to serve guests sitting in waiting areas
    3- Restaurants / CAFÉ / Bars
    4- Resorts
    5- Stadiums (football, etc), Cinema halls, theateres
    6- Ferries, ships, cruise
    7- Golf courses

    This app can be customized by the business according to their needs. One unique code will be provided to each business, using this code the guests will be able to access the menu, place an order, send/receive a message and view other important information.
    There are many more advantages such as :

    For hotels it is a modern way to provide room service or concierge information to their guests.

    This app works with all Apple devices. It enables the hotel guests not only to send or book order (snacks, coffee, etc) directly from their hotel rooms but also to see the hotel services, weather forecast, etc.

    Digi Order also allows the guest to check in their hotel on social media that helps hotels to increase their visibility on social networks.

    With pictures and different languages available, the application makes the order placement easier for foreigners and more attractive for native.

    With Digi Order, you can create an interactive and intuitive menu that allows the customers to display the menu, see details and pictures, choose option, select the dishes they want and order them. The order is then directly sent to the staff or managers on Digi Staff app.

    You can easily configure your menu by creating categories, adding dishes, editing pictures, options, etc.

    The Digi Order app offers also numerous services such as “ask reception”, “house keeping”, description of you hotels/Restaurant services, weather forecast, touristic information, local area information and feedback functionality.
    With Digi Order you offer your customer a unique guest experience leading to increase customer satisfaction and increase in sales and high quality of service.
    By downloading this app you will be able to run a demo of Digi Order free of charge. You can customise the app according to your business needs.

    - Available for IPAD, IPAD mini, IPOD touch, IPhone 4 and 5
    - multilingual (1 to upto 4 different languages)
    - menu can easily be updated in real time
    - Social media connectivity
    - picture of the dishes and description
    - support different currencies
    - intuitive CMS (Content Management System), easy configuration
    - integrated with world famous receipt printers
    - Messaging function between customer and guests
    - Business information presentation

    Download Digi Order App