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  • Digi Menu is an iPad Menu App that enables the customers to view the menu or order by themselves inside the restaurant, cafĂ©, bar, pizzaria, etc.

    The restaurants can setup Digi Menu very easily and fastly. This helps restaurant to increase sales and revenues thanks to impulse buying, fast table turnover, reduced manpower, high quality of service, and improved guests experience.
    This interactive and intuitive menu allows the customers to display the restaurant menu, see details and pictures, choose modifiers, select the dishes they want and order them. Big size Picture of the dish says 1000 words and increase sales of the items. The order is then directly sent to the kitchen and bar printers for preparation.
    You can easily configure your menu by creating categories, adding dishes, editing pictures, options, etc.
    The iPad can also be used to to browse restaurant marketing websites selected by the restaurants. Digi Menu app allows the restaurant owners to increase their social media visibility by allowing customers to share their status and food or restaurant pictures on their facebook and twitter pages.
    With Digi Menu app you offer to your customers a unique dining experience leading to higher customers satisfaction and increase sales.
    By downloading this app you will be able to run a demo of Digi Menu free of charge. You can use your own menu and graphics with this app. The app can be customised for any kinds of place (restaurant/cafe etc).

    - multilingual menus (1 to 4 language menu)
    - menu can easily be updated in real time
    - Social media connectivity
    - picture of the dishes and description
    - support different currencies
    - intuitive CMS (Content Management System), easy configuration
    - Seamlessly integrates with kitchen and bar printers
    - Seamlessly integrates with Digi Restaurant POS App (point of sale)

    Download Digi Menu App